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Starters 开胃菜

BBQ Quail烧烤鹌鹑

Marinated in lemongrass and chilli served with lemon juice


  • $11.00

Soups 汤

Short Soup短汤

Minced prawn and chicken dumplings with vegetables


  • $9.80

MAIN -Seafood 主菜 -海鲜

Saigon Chilli Fish西贡辣椒鱼

Fish fillets in clay pot with chili, black pepper, baby corn, onion, carrots.


  • $24.80

MAIN-Chicken / Beef 主菜-鸡肉/牛肉

Mango Chicken芒果鸡


Chicken with onion, capsicum, carrot, celery, spring onion in mango sauce 

鸡肉配洋葱、辣椒、胡萝卜、芹菜、葱花 配在芒果酱里 

  • $19.80

MAIN -Duck  主菜 - 鸭子

Mushroom Duck蘑菇鸭


 Duck fillet with fresh mushrooms & vegetables in oyster sauce


  • $22.80

MAIN-Lamb 主菜 - 羊肉

MAIN -Pork 主菜 - 猪肉

BBQ Pork烧烤猪肉


Marinated in a paste of garlic, lemongrass, coriander, dry chilli & pepper 


  • $20.80

Salads(served cold) 沙拉(冷盘供应)

Beef Salad牛肉沙拉


Beef tossed in a red onion, mint, chilli sauce & lemon juice dressing 


  • $19.80

Lotus Shoot Salad莲藕沙拉


With lotus shoot, prawn, red onion, mint tossed in a chilli sauce & lemon juice dressing 


  • $19.80

Vegetables & Vegetarian 蔬菜

Noodles 面类

Pud Thai泰式炒面


Rice noodle with egg, shrimp, BBQ chicken, fish cake, peanuts, bean sprout 


  • $19.80

Kway Teow粿条


Rice noodle with BBQ chicken, fish cake, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, shallots 


  • $19.80

Drunken Noodle醉酒面


Rice noodle with chicken, chilli, onion, capsicum, broccoli, bok choy 


  • $19.80

Rice 米饭类

Hot Pot Rice煲仔饭

Vietnamese rice pot with steamed rice, fried chicken, onion chinese sausage, bamboo shoot, mushrooms, fried egg 


  • $18.80

Special Fried Rice特制炒饭

Egg, shrimp, BBQ chicken, fish cake, peas, carrot, beansprout 


  • $14.00 (Small)小份
  • $16.00 (Large)大份

Nasi Goring (Spicy)印尼炒飯

Egg, shrimp, BBQ chicken, fish cake, peas, carrot, bean sprouts

 鸡蛋, 虾, 烧鸡, 鱼糕, 豌豆, 胡萝卜, 豆芽菜

  • $13.00 (Small)小份
  • $16.00 (Large)大份

Dessert 甜品

Banana Sticky Rice香蕉糯米饭

Streamed banana encased in sticky rice served on a bed of banana leaves, drizzled with coconut milk


  • $11.50